Zephyr Okaran


Str 2
Dex 3
Sta 2
Man 4
Epic Man 2
Cha 3
App 4
Epic App 2
Per 3
Int 3
Wits 3
Epic Wits 1
Command 3
Presence 3
Survival 3
Melee 2
Empathy 3
Investigation 2
Larceny 3
Marksmanship 4
Medicine 3
Occult 3
Stealth 3
Awareness 3


Ambitions Height (Choker with the Sky Purview on it)
Terra’s Kiss (Green Lipstick, never runs out and carries Earth Purview)
Lava Rock (Lava Rock, holds Fire purview)
Mother’s Womb (Ugly fertility figurine, holds Water Purview)
Earth Armor (1/1 Brown Leather Armor)

Rapacity 2
Malice 3
Ambition 1
Zealotry 3

Willpower 6
Legend 3(9)

Knacks: Stench of Guilt, Takes one to Know One, Center of Attention, Serpent’s Gaze, Cobra Reflexes

Boons: Sky’s Grace, Safely Interred, Fire Immunity, Water Breathing

Health Levels: 0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/I

DDV: 4
No Armor:


With Armor:



Desert Eagle +0 Acc +5L, Spd 5


Nature: Libertine
Concept: Creepy pleasure seeker

Zephyr has a few ultimate goals. In truth, he just wants to be on top of the world (literally, see below), with all of his dark pleasures at his fingertips whenever he wants them. He was easy prey for the Terra Avatar Gaia. Zephyr is convinced Gaia will successfully wipe out anyone she chooses. He doesn’t want to be wiped out, and wants to be seen as worthy to father her next generation of children, thus not only guaranteeing his own survival but guaranteeing his high status in the new world he perceives to be coming. He wants to master the Sky purview most of all, because after all—every Earth Mother ultimately does most of her mating with a Sky father, in his opinion.

Zephyr Okaran

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