Scarlett Adams (DECEASED)


Vette’s brother Enrique once stole a lock of her hair and created the Clones. The clones have Vette’s exact capabilities, but they are not Scions. They stop gaining legend and abilities unless they come into contact with her on a regular basis so they can mirror her capabilities. Otherwise, they are a lot like Nephele—made of cloud and magic. Oddly they all have different accents, interests, and personalities.

One of them was reformed after meeting the Torchwood band, and went on to have a a fairly normal life, staying far away from the actions of gods and men.

Scarlett is not that girl.

Scarlett came out sounding like a Southern Belle. She has a vicious, cruel streak a mile wide. It is as if someone took Vette’s Greek Vengeance and amps it up to 10, but her passion is humiliating her victims, not killing them.

Unfortunately for Scarlett, she was one of Michael Celevos’ more trusted lieutenants. Michael recently brutally sacrificed her in order to increase his own power.

“Do you know what love is, Scarlett?” Michael whispered as he slid his hand slowly around her body.


“Sacrifice,” Michael hissed, in oh so satisfied tones…


Scarlett Adams (DECEASED)

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