Manjula Baljekar

Miss Oh So Young and Pretty


Name: Manjula Baljekar
Gender: Female
Pantheon: Devas
Parent: Lakshmi
Nature: Caregiver
Calling: Compassion Incarnate

Strength: 2, Charisma: 4 (Epic 1), Perception: 3 (Epic 1)
Dexterity: 3, Manipulation: 3, Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 2, Appearance: 4 (Epic 1), Wits: 2

Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Fertility, Guardian, Health, Mystery, Moon, Epic Perception, Psychopomp, Water.
Abilities: Awareness, Empathy, Integrity, Politics, Presence, Thrown.

Athletics: 3, Awareness: 3, Craft – Medicine: 3, Empathy: 3, Fortitude: 2, Integrity: 3, Medicine: 3, Occult: 3, Politics: 2, Presence: 3, Thrown: 2


Eternally-Blooming Lotus – Relic 3. A pale white lotus tipped with soft pink, eternally-blooming and never wilting, set in gold so that it can be worn as an adornment in the hair. Grants access to the Mystery, Moon and Water purviews.

Flame of Compassion – Relic 3. A flame of her mother’s love for the world and for Manjula, captured in crystal and mounted in gold, worn as an amulet around her neck. Grants access to the Health, Fertility and Guardian purviews.

Shard of the Sudarshana – Relic 5. Created by her father Vishnu when he struck a spark of flame from his chakra, the Sudarshana, and from it smithed a smaller chakra. Base stats: Acc 0, Dam 2L, Def 0, Speed 6 (thrown)/4 (melee), Range 10 yards, Piercing. Adds Legend to Dex+Thrown, always returns to owner after a strike (infinite ammo equivalent), grants access to Sun purview, adds 2L Damage.

The Scrivners – Guide 3. Although they’re often working in the Overworld these days, like busy demigods have a tendency to do, both Rufus and Vette Scrivner act as Guides to Manjula and her Bandmates, being experienced Scions who offer advice, equipment and the use of the Hub.

(Fertility 1) Green Thumb
(Guardian 1) Vigil Brand
(Health 1) Assess Health
(Moon 1) Smoking Mirror
Mystery 1
(Water 1) Potability
(Samsura 1) Kriya
(Sun 1) Penetrating Glare

(App) Come Hither
(Cha) Charmer
(Per) Refined Palate

Virtues: Endurance 3, Harmony 1, Intellect 4, Order 2

Legend 2, Legend Pool 4
Willpower 7


When Manjula was conceived, her father Vishnu, was in a lesser Avatar form while he spent an evening with his goddess consort and faithful wife, Lakshmi. Nine months later, following her birth, the god and goddess knew that Manjula should be given a chance to live a normal life before her destiny caught her up in the webs of Fate. So they placed her with a wealthy, loving Hindu family who had lived for three generations in London, England, and the little girl wanted for nothing. She grew up, she attended school, and she was a popular darling who loved people and animals.

When the day of her Visitation arrived, both of her true parents came to her in their splendour, explaining the great Titan war and who she truly was. Having been raised a Hindu, she needed little in the way of explanations and eagerly accepted the love of her parents, their gifts and her newfound mission.

She thought she was doing well by going to Michael Celevos’ university, hoping to receive further training. Unfortunately… it was a death trap. Following the bloodbath that saw the eventual liberation of many Scions and the imprisonment of Michael Celevos, Manjula travelled to New York with the Scrivners. She had no desire to leave the friends she made at the school.

Now she acts as the team medic for her Band. As two English citizens lost in a sea of Yanks, Manjula has a close bond with Rufus that is quite father/daughter in nature. The rest of the time, she enjoys cooking and trying to navigate the amorous attentions of boys.

Manjula Baljekar

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