Lia Kohlmann

She's tiny, but she packs a powerful punch and the blood of giants


Lia is thin. So thin most wouldn’t believe she could punch through a brick wall. A decade of less-than-easy living will do that. She’s in the low to middling end of the fifth foot with black hair cut short to around her jaw and medium brown eyes flecked with steely grey. Her visage is rarely anything but stoic, a result of her life, perhaps. Her dress is simple and utilitarian. Boots of shiny black leather with the ends of her faded and in some places torn jeans tucked into them. Her shirt changes by the day, but is usually dark in color, often black. One of her favorites says “Tyr gave his right hand to protect his family, what have you done lately?” with a pale Tiwaz rune ( behind it in red. Over that she wears a set of biker’s leathers with runes tooled into it along every hem. The sword strapped to her back is a traditional longsword, it’s hilt wrapped in fine brown leather and the long cross piece bends, forming a V with the open end towards the tip of the blade. A shoulder holster hides under her left armpit with the shiny metal butt of an automatic pistol, usually hidden by the leather jacket.


Callin’ All Freaks
Rock Superstar
Who Wants to Live Forever
99 Red Balloons

Lia was born to a single mother named Antje in the small town of Neundorf in Bavaria. Neundorf is one of those towns so small one could blink at miss it. When Lia took the exams for the high school she was placed in the Realschule in the nearest town of decent size, forcing her to commute an hour or more each way each day just to attend classes. She had wanted to attend the Gymnasium, but her scores were just a point or two too low. As she neared the end of the 11th class and was preparing for the Abitur, she was hoping to score high enough to move on to complete the 12th and 13th class in the Gymnasium and go on to college as opposed to graduating and moving on to non-collegiate employment.

Alas, it was not to be.

It was a few months after she turned seventeen and a month before she was slated to sit the exam that might very well have decided her future, that her whole world ended. As far as the German government is concerned, she died. Official reports say that Neundorf was struck by violence, perhaps a small military unit or crime organization. The long and the short is all of its residents are dead.

Lia is the sole survivor.

Svartalfar are known for their cunning, tenaciousness, evil, and a disregard for human life. One, who in his time on Midgard went by the name Sergio, knew who Lia was before she herself did and took an interest. The destruction of her home town was just a cover to allow him to kidnap her.

The details of her missing months are lost in darkness, nothing more than tortured nothings and scars on her psyche. She’s lucky she doesn’t remember the details. The next thing she remembers after her return to a dead and dying home is it being six months later in a hotel in Chicago. That’s when she first met her father, Tyr.

Despite the fact that he essentially saved her, she still harbored a lot of anger for what she’d seen and what she’d lost. Like many people, she wanted to believe that a god (and hey, look, she just met one that claims to share blood) shoulda-coulda-woulda prevented her personal tragedy. Even with the gifts of birthrights and his blessing it took time (and a better understanding of the Aesir) before Lia was able to move past that.

She spent around a year after that oblivious to her fate. Her ichors stirred, she sought simply to make do and make ends meet, which she did by finding her way into the underground community of illegal fighting and boxing. It was in those arenas that her Legend first began to grow.

It took only a couple of months for her reputation as easily the scariest and strongest chick on the circuit to settle in. The best part of creating a new identity was making herself old enough to drink. Sadly, she quickly learned the American offerings were far below her standard. Luckily, she could find a couple of imports once she learned where to look.

It was about a year after that that Sergio returned to taunt her a second time. Strange things had begun to stir in the city. The dead were walking the streets at night and a train had gone off the rails west of the city. A train mysteriously lacking in passengers. With a wreckage that disappeared before emergency crews arrived. But the internet knows and the preponderance of videos of the runaway train and it’s crash. At least one of the videos showed the vague forms of people climbing aboard. Though officially these unknowns were blamed for the incident, they were never identified. Giant pink bunnies terrorized the streets for two days and a mansion appeared out of the blue.

It was only a few days later that Sergio found Lia in her favorite bar and interrupted a perfectly good post-bout beer. It didn’t take long for the whole bar to go still. It’s not often a blue-skinned, pointy-eared man walks into a bar. He reminded her of how lucky she’d been to escape his grasp and how much he’d love to get his hands on her again and asked how she could live with what she’d become.

This was long enough ago that Lia could get drunk if she wanted to. She didn’t get drunk, but she did put away enough alcohol to impress those around her before heading out into the street and nearly getting run over by a semi. Fate, as always with her kind, took a hand in things and brought her into the company of a group of scions and skilled mortals who were dealing with the zombie problem. They also happened to be responsible for the bunnies, which caused some friction at first.

Genji, a scion of Chronos; Mickey, a scion of Atum-Re; Bill, a mortal who was incredibly skilled with mechanics and electronics; Rose, a scion of Parvati; Jalia, a scion of Skaft; Mara, a scion of Hachiman; and two others, Fodder and Victoria, who died within twenty-four hours of her banding with the group. Sergio followed through on his threat to continue to harass her if she got involved. Worse, he began taunting and threatening the others, as well. Many of the others dreams and meditations were interrupted the first night and their sleep was hardly restful even before the earsplitting scream that woke them all. Sergio had come for a visit, past the wards and the force fields as if they were nothing, and killed Victoria in their newly populated home.

It didn’t take them long to bury the body, but no one was going back to sleep, so they geared up to go take on the guy creating and controlling the zombies. Genji’s insistence that they pick a ‘group name’ to build unity was met by the suggestion of The Unseen Force, which was adopted primarily to get past the issue and on to the combat. They split into two groups, one to handle and distract the zombies while the other snuck around the combat to get to the basement and destroy the source of the zombification magic. The mission was a marginal success. They killed the bad guy, neutralized his artifact, and managed a few hours sleep before the next series of attacks began.


  • The defacto leader of Lia’s first band of scions was a British son of Chronos who left at a crucial moment, leaving the less experienced and powerful scions to handle things on their own, resulting in chaos that eventually lead to the deaths of many of the group.

Lia Kohlmann

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