Lenore Silvers

Well, she's cute and bouncy but kind of prissy.


Standing at around 5’3", this young woman is hardly imposing. She’s slender, nearly whip-thin with no strength, but she has gentle, feminine curves in all the right places. Lenore Silvers is a very pretty girl by most standards, just like her mother. She has a sweet face and full lips, skin so pale and white that it’s nearly luminous in the dark, contrasting with inky-dark eyes and midnight black hair. Still young, she appears to be in her very late teens.

Her attire is fairly simple, though she has a lovely array of silver jewellery. Wearing a tee shirt and plain, black slacks, she’s usually donning a black snakehide tunic over that and a black leather coat, silver moons embroidered in its lining. She also wears a black choker set with a silver crescent moon, a silver barette etched with whorling clouds, a silver hairclip with an image of the moon, and a silver ring with a deer’s head on it. She’s also packing heat, carrying a heavy silver pistol in an underarm concealment holster.


Genetically, she was sired by the god Apollo, but Lenore Silvers has yet to learn the identity of her father. After the god did his business, he left her mortal mother, a woman named Deirdre, in the arms of her lover, a woman who called herself Arlene Silvers. She was, in actuality, the goddess Artemis. Lenore was raised mainly by her first mother, Deirdre, and she was often told that her second mother, Arlene, was always away on business trips and simply didn’t have the time to devote to her daughter. She always sent presents on her birthdays and at Christmas, and although she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth in upstate New York, Lenore had a reasonably normal childhood.

She grew up with a thirst for knowledge and an inexplicable desire to go into medicine. Even from an early age, she was playing nurse, veterinarian or doctor to a host of baby dolls and stuffed toys. After she graduated from her elite, private high school, she enrolled at New York University with aspirations of getting her degree in pre-med and then moving on to NYU’s medical school. She didn’t even get to attend one class before her mother, Artemis, came down to tell her about her true nature, the battle against the Titans, and the awakening of her own powers. She left the young woman with her gifts, then she left.

Lenore took awhile to adjust to the news, especially since her Visitation was accompanied by an attempt on her life from a vengeful demigod, an old enemy of her mother named Actaeon. She fell into the company of Rufus Scrivner, her cousin Vette Adams, and a man named Michael Celevos. Things got very, very messy after that.

Lenore Silvers

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