Deirdre Rossa

Daughter of Rosie the Riveter, young Heroine, Techie Geek and Hacker


Name: Deirdre Rossa
Gender: Female
Pantheon: Yankee
Parent: Rosie the Riveter
Nature: Competitor
Calling: The Power of Positive Thinking

Strength: 3 (Epic 2), Charisma: 3, Perception: 4
Dexterity: 3, Manipulation: 1, Intelligence: 4 (Epic 2)
Stamina: 3 (Epic 1), Appearance: 3, Wits: 3

Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Intelligence, Industry.
Abilities: Academics, Command, Craft, Fortitude, Integrity, Politics.

Abilities: Academics 2, Athletics 1, Craft – Electronics 4, Craft – Mechanics 4, Fortitude 3, Integrity 3, Larceny 1, Melee 3, Science – Physics 3, Science – Chemistry 3, Science – Geology 2, Science – Computers 3


Suffragette’s Vote – Relic 2. The first vote ever cast by an American woman. It looks like an old, worn paper card. Grants access to the Justice and Guardian purviews.

Working Mom’s Overalls – Relic 2. A pair of overalls worn by an American factory woman from WWII, the mom who had to work while her husband was overseas. Adds Legend to all Craft rolls.

Steel Wrench of Inspiration and Perspiration – Relic 5. A big steel wrench that can hang easily from any tool belt. Has the ability to change its size and its shape, useful as a weapon or as an all-purpose tool. Base stats of flail, only blunt damage applying. Adds -1 Speed, changes shape, upgrades damage from Bash to Lethal, adds +2L damage. Final stats: Acc 1, Dam 8L, Def 2, Speed 4.

The Scrivners – Guide 3. Although they’re often working in the Overworld these days, like busy demigods have a tendency to do, both Rufus and Vette Scrivner act as Guides to Deirdre and her Bandmates, being experienced Scions who offer advice, equipment and the use of the Hub.

(Guardian 1) Warning Line, (Guardian 2) Aegis
(Industry 1) Work Harder, (Industry 2) Work Smarter
(Justice 1) Judgement

(Int) Fast Learner, (Int) Star Pupil
(Str) Titanium Tools, (Str) Holy Rampage
(Sta) Holy Fortitude

Conviction 2, Duty 1, Intellect 3, Valor 3

Legend 3, Legend Pool 9
Willpower 6


Born in Chicago, Deirdre grew up believing her mom had died in a car accident while she was still very young. Her father grieved then remarried, and although she was always treated with love and kindness, she grew up very outspoken against the injustices inflicted against women across the world. Fortunately for her, both her step-mother and her father were supportive of her activist inclinations, and she was well on her way to attending university with dreams of a degree in engineering and being a pioneer in a traditionally male-dominated field of science.

Her real mother, Rosie the Riveter, showed up around her nineteenth birthday and enlightened her as to the Titan war that was raging.

So Deirdre, now armed with her relics and birthrights and a renewed sense of purpose, eventually found her way into Michael Celevos’ university for the gifted. She thought he was something like Professor Xavier out of the X-Men. She was very, very wrong.

Following that mess and the liberation of the young Scions from Celevos’ grasp, she’s since thrown in her lot with the Scrivners. With five other young Scions (and an occasional visit from a demigod Scion), she’s part of a Band that spends its time keeping watch over New York while Rufus and Vette are dealing with bigger problems.

Deirdre Rossa

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