Frat Boy Godling. What up y'all!


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s up! This fratboy was made to paaaaaaaaaarty, boyeee! He’s around six foot four and weighs around two hundred and fifty pounds. He’s built like a pro wrestler or a beefcake weightlifter, but he has the tanned good looks of a male model. His hair is blonde and worn just long enough to be ‘edgy’, with a Celtic knotwork hoop earring in his left ear. When he’s outside he has sunglasses covering his eyes – Oakleys, and he wears a University of Florida – Miami baseball cap worn backwards. He has a shell necklace around his neck that can be seen with the open neck on his rugby-style polo shirt. He has on good jeans and a braided leather belt, and Adidas running shoes. An amulet of intricate Celtic jewelry can sometimes be seen outside his neckline, and he is often carrying a backpack or duffel bag with him. Around his left wrist, he has a chain mail bracelet, and on his right he has a leather wrapped aviator watch. He has a ready smile with perfect teeth, and if a male model could have rampant sex with a rockstar, Hulk Hogan and Brad Pitt, this man would be it. His voice has a slight brogue to it – just enough to be sexy, and his eyes are blue enough for a woman to get straight up lost in. He has a goatee – he’s edgy, yo – and a celtic style tattoo over his right upper arm when his shirt rides up. He looks around twenty one years old, maybe.


Daid Fraoch: Warhammer that can return to his hand, and fly true.

Stoirm Thoirn: Javelin that can throw lightning bolts.

Uile Sciath: Gives him access to his Celtic heritage.

Ialtoir Diongbhailteachtfor: Mail wrist bracelet, transforms into magical mail armor.


Yo my mom met my dad, who hit it and quit it. She’s good folks, and dad is straight up gangsta, you feel me? God-King! What up pops!


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