A Scion Story: The Doom of Michael Celevos

Chapter 9

Avaracus and Zephyr force march Justin and Vincent across the blasted, frozen landscape of Antarctica, only for the ground to give way beneath the Heroes’ feet, separating them from their captors. Vincent and Justin find themselves in a vast underground maze, a remnant of lost Atlantis. They begin digging up many old secrets in an attempt to find the right artifact to free Adelaide and to free themselves.

During their quest, Vincent is approached by a shadow-form of the dead god Atlantean god Versak. Versak makes him an offer: he wishes to adopt Vincent as his son and as a future God of a new pantheon if he will finish Versak’s work of bringing the still-living and hiding Atlantean goddess Demosia to justice (Demosia is, incidentally, Avaracus’ mother). Vincent accepts in spite of the fact that he knows his own Atzlanti father is not going to be at all pleased.

The two heroes also learn about a prophecy about a time called The Judgment of the Gods that they themselves seem to be wrapped up in some way.

They also learned that Avaracus lied about the remedy for Adelaide’s condition, instructing Vincent to use an artifact that would have reduced her to ash. Vincent finds the right artifact and is enraged. When the two finally catch up with Avaracus, who is about to sacrifice Zephyr in order to bring back Atlantis, Vincent kills him in the back with a single stroke. A black, twisted tree with poisonous fruit grows where Avaracus died. Vincent then interrogates Zephyr with such force that Justin is compelled to leave the room. He ultimately executes the man as his first judgement as the son of the Justice God Versak, and says that part of his punishment will be to be forgotten in obscurity, marked only by the ugly, twisted tree that no one will ever know the meaning of. Legend reverberates dangerously throughout the old ruin at that pronouncement, though Vincent manages to channel it in such a way that there is no disaster. Justin and Vincent then return home and free Adelaide. The three form a permanent Band and begin tackling the monsters that have been plaguing New Orleans’ streets, seemingly out of the Celevos conflict for the time being, but with the shadow of Atlantis hanging over them.



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