A Scion Story: The Doom of Michael Celevos

Chapter 8

In anticipation of having to hunt the titanspawn of Muspelhiem and Michael, Rufus has Vette craft a relic for him that will grant him immunity. They spend 3 days on SkjaldbreiĆ°ur, where Rufus winds up fighting creatures of Muspelheim while Vette forges. The result is Skaldfyir, the relic shield amulet that gives Rufus the power he seeks.

Meanwhile, Vincent is not recovering, but is shaken out of his complacency when Avaracus steals a map of some sort from Agwe and puts Del into a frozen sleeping beauty state, promising she will never recover if Vincent interferes. What does Vincent do? Interfere. Justin joins forces with him, but their interference is turned around. Holding Del’s recovery over his head, Avaracus forces them to join forces with him and Zephyr. Vincent and Zephyr go diving for ancient Atlantean artifacts. Vincent secretes at least half of an unknown relic on his person. Justin attempts to attack Avaracus. It does not end well.



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