A Scion Story: The Doom of Michael Celevos

Chapter 6

A lot of things happen. Del and Vincent start the raid, only for Heather to betray them. They are taken captive and brought to Ghost Island in Japan, along with everyone who helped them. Vincent attempts to keep it together for his people, but grows in despair under Michael’s crazed cruelty. Meanwhile, Rufus and Vette go to the bank to track Michael down, but instead meet up with Seth, Ixion, Scarlette and Sly Guiler. This proves to be a disaster, to the point where Vette nearly winds up kidnapped. Rufus saves her, but then decides to track down Michael himself. He leaves Vette at a safehouse and tracks Michael to the island. Vette proves to be a fantastic listener; constructing an ornothopter to find him. Rufus winds up having a confrontation with Michael at the island which results in the entire thing being sucked into the Underworld. Together, he, Vette, Adelaide and Vincent coordinate a dramatic escape in the nick of time. Vincent, however, is furious at being upstaged and descends into a fit of bitter drinking. Adelaide decides to take him home, to New Orleans, to let him heal from what he considers to be a massive personal failure of leadership.



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