A Scion Story: The Doom of Michael Celevos

Chapter 5

Rufus and Vette go to Michael’s bank. They’re attempting to get him on the telephone so that Rufus can use his power to track the man, but things go wrong. Vette is left outside to watch for trouble, but Seth shows up and tells Rufus that they have high powered relic rifles aimed at her head. Seth demands that Rufus release Michael from his guilt visions, and that he hunt down Camaxtil-Xocotl, trapping the Avatar to shut down the titan of Fire and free Michael. Rufus talks Seth into setting up a meeting and walks outside, only to find Vette replaced by Scarlett. Ixion is in the sky with a kidnapped Vette. Rufus confronts him, and Ixion uses his Crawling Chaos power on both of them. 15 hours later they wake up. Furthermore, Vette has been drugged with some sort of substance that seems to be making her loopy and sick. Rufus secrets her away in a hotel, writes a note, and goes after Michael.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Del confront a lindwurm just before the raid. They carry out their raid, but Heather betrays them. Vincent, Adelaide, and all of their supporters wind up easily captured. Michael brings them to the Island of the Ghosts, where he tries to force Vincent to work for him. Michael reveals that he wants to take over the island because it gives him a foothold into the Underworld from which he might launch a military campaign.



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