A Scion Story: The Doom of Michael Celevos

Chapter 3

Vette compiles the financial data on Michael Celevos.

Michael has been buying:

6 shipping class vessels. 1 yacht. A fleet of about 20 trucks and vans. All of these were purchased in New York State. However Vette didn’t stop with New York State. There are filings of purchases in Georgia (similar), Illinois (similar) and Washington State (similar). There’s not just UCC info here too; Vette has also placed all tax assessor records under this category. He bought an entire defunct private college up in upstate New York. He bought an Olympic training facility in Southern California. He bought warehouses all along the Gulf Coast. He owns mansion-level houses in New York, SoCal, and Chicago. Those are all under his name. There area also companies. Michael has listed himself as the Resident Agent (the person to whom legal papers must be delivered) for the following S-Corps and Limited Liability corporations: Xochil, LLC which holds a bunch of apartments and condos that appear to be under the management of Southwest Property Management Co, not owned by Michael, Huitzilin, Incorporated, which appears to be an overseas trading company, Mazatl, LLC which appears to own several private airlines and airports, and Michin, Inc, which is a deep sea fisheries operation. He also holds controlling stock certificates in the following companies: the Barrick Gold Corporation, Goldcorp, Inc., and Newport Mining.

Michael’s Bank Statements:

There are no less than 12 accounts that Michael either owns or controls. Three of them are foreign: in Euros, Yuan and straight up gold respectively. The first is in a Swiss account which Vette had to hack to get the details of; the third is in the Caymans (same difference) and the final one is open, if very Chinese. Michael has one for the college and one for each of the companies he owns. The rest are his. Here and there, out of each of them, there is some very large “Cash” transaction, usually around $100,000, that could have gone anywhere or to anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

Vette postulated the following:

“I suspect these are going to his illegal interests. Those warehouses all along the coast are supposedly holding imports but I can’t find any record of them on the port manifests or trucking records. I suspect he’s running drugs, guns, or both out of those. All of that income is listed through Huitzlilin’s records because that’s who he’s got as the owner of the warehouses, and god knows whether it’s bribes, raw materials or underworld payoffs.”

The most recent wire was to Kyoto, leading Rufus to believe that was Michael’s destination. The pair of demigods decided to go find out more. Vette asked Lenore and her new boyfriend Morrie, son of Morrigan, to go to the warehouses on the coast so they could scout them out and find out more.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Del are trying to gather up opposition at the school to turn Michael’s army against him from the inside-out. Heather, a scion of Hera, has joined them in this attempt.



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