A Scion Story: The Doom of Michael Celevos

Chapter 2

Michael has held Lenore captive in an ironic pumpkin shell home for some time, but she convinces him to cut a deal with her. He means to take her to a small Central American village where she will show him that things can be done her way, but on the way she manages to tug on his emotions to the point where he simply abandons her, leaving her alone on the road with no relics and no way home. She calls Rufus and Vette to come get her. Lenore later finds her relics were simply sitting in Michael’s apartment all along. He hasn’t been home in forever, but she’s got the key, and is able to retrieve them.

Rufus also calls Michael for a meeting. Initially this goes as well as might be expected. Michael admits that he’s been tainted by the titan Camaxti-Xocotl of Muspelheim. However, Rufus finally spooks him. He attempts to escape, and when Rufus refuses to let him he calls on a bunch of minions to attack innocents in the street. Rufus lets him go to deal with the minions, but not before cursing Michael with visions of his own guilt.



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