A Scion Story: The Doom of Michael Celevos

Chapter 10

Rufus encounters Michael Celevos in a ghostly form during his sleep. He witnesses Lia and a Scion of Baron Samedi named Brigitte attempting to stop Celevos from recovering some relic ritual plates from an old Aztec temple in the heart of Mexico. Brigitte is slain in spite of Rufus’ best efforts to stop him and Lia winds up having to flee.

Determined to put an end to Michael’s latest scheme, Rufus contacts a Scion named Ghost who seems to be a techno-wonder with a knack for the threads of Fate. Ghost helps him pinpoint where most of Michael’s activity will have to be. Rufus also learns that the plates that Michael took were a ritual that Michael’s own father used to reach godhood through sacrifice. If Michael sacrifices Hereos or Demigods he will skyrocket his own apotheosis, as this ritual only requires sufficient power to stir the ichor, not the touch of a God.

Meanwhile, Lia calls Cermait, a former band member, and asks him to come to Mexico. Michael and some giant flaming snakes of Muspelhiem ambush them at the airport. Lia is seriously hurt, but Rufus and Vette show up in time to put an end to the attack. Michael proves as slippery as ever. Cermait and Rufus agree to meet at a church later and then he flies Vette and Lia back to their temporary home so that Vette and Lenore can give Lia some medical attention.

Rufus winds up having to fly down to the Festival of the Burning of the Devil in a town where they build a devil 3 stories high to burn. He stops Michael from sacrificing another Scion and he kills him…only to discover that he’d been fighting a simaliacrum all that time. The demigod he rescued said that perhaps Ixiom was involved and that the Atzlanti had put a bounty on Michael’s head. Rufus reunited her with her own band and returned to meet with Cermait.

In the meantime, Lia woke up. The three women had a pretty good chat before the house was ripped apart by a Balrog shortly after Rufus returned with Cermait and went off in search of a lead to Ixiom. When he returned the tenuous new band found an old base to clean out and use for their own purposes in the hopes of plotting their next move. Vette used a portion of the Balrog’s body to fashion Fire relics for Cermait, Lia, and Lenore so that they could access the Fire Immunity portions of the purview in order to increase their chances of survival.



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